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What is the standard operating procedure of Doosan

Today, let ’s take a closer look at the detailed safety operation process of Doosan's assembly excavator. The excavator is a large-scale device. His work scenes are in some complicated environments. When the excavator is operating, it feels like a If you do n’t pay attention, you have to look inside the ditch. According to professional statistics, every year because the number of excavators is very high, even because some projects are very anxious, some people choose to work at night because of the sight of the night. Limited, so there will be rollovers or traps.


   So what Xiaobian wants to tell you is that when our excavator enters the field, the driver must first observe the geology of the working surface and the surrounding environment. There must be no obstacles within the excavator's rotation radius to avoid scratching or causing damage to the vehicle. damage. After the machine is started, no one is allowed to stand in the bucket, on the shovel arm and on the track to ensure safe production.

    During the work of the excavator bucket, no one is allowed to stay or walk within the turning radius or under the bucket. Non-drivers are not allowed to enter the cab and move around, and they are not allowed to train the driver to avoid damage to electrical equipment. When the excavator is shifted, the driver should observe and whistle first, and then shift the position to avoid safety accidents caused by people at the machine.
    I believe that after a detailed summary from Yantai Binghui Excavator Co., Ltd., we also have a detailed understanding of our Doosan assembly excavator. What the editor wants to say is that no matter how anxious our project is, we are driving When excavators, we must be careful to ensure that our personal safety is the most important thing. We have an old saying: "The green hills to stay are there, not afraid of no wood burning".

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