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Excavator bucket of Yantai production excavator

    Today I will give you a detailed explanation of the excavator buckets produced by Yantai production excavators. First of all, let us understand the classification and function of excavator buckets. Generally, the working methods of excavator buckets are mainly divided into There are two types of shovel buckets and forward buckets, and then they can be divided into forward buckets, backhoes, grab buckets and draglines according to their mechanical action principles. Does it feel that there is a lot of knowledge on the excavator, but it doesn't matter, we will send you a detailed explanation.


    We can base. Different structural properties and different working conditions and functions can be divided into earthmoving buckets, rock buckets, soil loosening buckets, ditch buckets, grab buckets, cleaning buckets, tilting buckets, etc. Generally, the dragline of an excavator is shaped like a shovel. The main function is that the bucket has a large capacity and a large stacking surface. It is also often made of high-quality and high-strength steel structures. Suitable for excavation of clay and loading of sand, soil, gravel, etc. Depending on the manufacturing model of the excavator bucket structure, the excavator buckets produced by them are also very different.

     Well, the above is the relevant content summarized by Yantai Binghui Excavator Co., Ltd., we will find that the excavator is also very unique. As long as we want to understand one thing in depth, we will find there is a lot of knowledge in it. To put it simply, if you think that the related articles we have summarized for you are very suitable for you now, you can share the article to the circle of friends and let more people know about this.

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